Wednesday, June 22, 2011

All about FRACKING

I have come to the end of what I want to share with you regarding FRACKING.  There is more that can be said like:
         - Why do the energy companies not disclose the chemicals used in FRACKING?  Texas had to pass a law for this information.
         - Why do energy companies not have to file detailed environmental surveys before beginning to FRACK?
         - Is the public informed on the amount of water used in the FRACKING procedures
                     and that water from FRACKING is unusable?
        - Is the public informed that wells have to be re-FRACKED to continue to produce-- more water, more chemicals, greater cost?
        - Are energy companies held responsible for the environmental damages?
        - Are we aware that FRACKING became important when the easily available oil deposits decreased?
I leave this topic with The Fracking Song.

Please continue your own research on this topic.

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