Thursday, June 30, 2011

Violence Against Women

In July 2010 and creation of UN Women, the United Nations and its UN Member States took an HISTORIC STEP in accelerating the Organization’s goals on gender equality and the empowerment of women. The FIRST focus issue is VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN. 

Key findings of the UN Offices of Statics:
• Violence against women is a universal phenomenon.
• Women are subjected to different forms of violence physical, sexual, psychological and economic – both within  and outside their homes.
• Rates of women experiencing physical violence at least once in their lifetime vary from several per cent to over 59 per cent depending on where they live.
• Current statistical measurements of violence against women provide a limited source of information, and statistical definitions and classifications require more work and harmonization at the international level.
• Female genital mutilation – the most harmful mass perpetuation of violence against women – shows a slight decline.
• In many regions of the world longstanding customs put considerable pressure on women to accept abuse.

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